Bark & Mulch

There has always been debate over which to use. To answer that question, start with your color preference and intended use.

Mulch. We sell a fertile mulch made of compost, sawdust, and manure. Brown-black in color, fine in texture, duration about 2 years with 2-1/2 inch thickness. Generally mulch holds its color better, is less expensive, and removes less nutrients from the soil.

Bark. We sell medium, fine, and ultra fine bark in red. and brown and a fine black bark. What's great about bark is the variety of colors and textures to fit your landscape. Duration is about 2 years with 2-1/2 inch thickness. Bark is slightly better at weed suppression than mulch. Color will fade over time with the exception of our black bark.

Name Description

Fine Red Bark

We use only the best that can be found. We carefully look though every batch of bark to make certain you don't receive a product that has strands of wood or dyed material. You can rest assured that our products will impress and last. That added benefit of bark, beyond beauty, is great weeds suppression.

Fine Black Cedar Bark

By far our most popular bark in recent years. Because of it's great weed suppression and dark color that doesn't fade in the sun, this is a winner.

Note: Large Quantities are only available in WA at this time, 3 yds or less can be delivered to OR.

Medium/Fine Red Bark

Although not as attractive as the fine barks because of the larger bark pieces, Medium/Fine Red Bark still has beauty and great weed suppression.


We have a mulch that maintains a great dark appearance as well as feeding your plants. Often used as an alternative to bark, our mulch can be added to potting soil.