Become a Sure Lawn Professional

At Sure Lawn, we believe our clients are best served by individuals who have a sense of ownership in the service they provide. For this reason we train, assist, support and over see sub-contractors to provide our services. Contact Ben Kohler at for more information.

Service Provider Benefits

As a Sure Lawn-authorized sub-contractor / Route Operator you will work solely for, at the direction of, and as a representative of, Sure Lawn and be entitled to the following:

  1. Have the ability to maintain a consistent schedule.
  2. Have a consistent income and be able to earn more than your industry peers.
  3. The ability to increase or decrease your weekly workload.
  4. Be able to work alone or add your own employees.
  5. Ability to enjoy a vacation through our co-operative paid vacation program. (A luxury that many self employed people in our industry don't have)
  6. You never have to worry about billing clients or getting paid by them.
  7. We provide the customer support so you can spend your time doing the work.
  8. We conduct the free consultations and bids.
  9. You're provided company uniforms to look professional and consistent with our dress code.
  10. You're provided a company 1-800 phone extension.
  11. You'll have business tools to back up your professional look, such as association with our website, business cards, yard signs, postcards, flyers, pens, and other promotional items.
  12. We advertise in the areas you will work.
  13. You'll be provided and expected to attend annual continuing educational programs regarding our industry.
  14. You will receive referral incentives.
  15. You will be automatically enrolled in a rewards program in the areas of: highest quality control score, most positive customer comments, most referrals, most community volunteer hours, and overall "Best of the Best".
  16. Receive incentives for achieving a CLT, CLP, Master Gardner, or other significant certifications or degrees.
  17. Be entitled to our company discounts on supplies and equipment.
  18. Receive a free company color paint job for your truck(s) or choose to hire a professional at your own expense.
  19. Receive free vehicle signage.
  20. If you already have current clients you may be able retain ownership of those clients. However, you would operate under the direction of Sure Lawn.

If you're just getting into the landscape industry or you've had a lawn care / landscape maintenance business of your own, you may benefit best by operating a route or route(s) through our company. Contact Ben Kohler at for more information.

Service Provider Requirements

To become a Sure Lawn authorized service provider / Route Operator, candidates must complete or abide by all of the following:

  1. Current Washington State driver's license.
  2. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  3. Must have or be willing to get a Washington State business license.
  4. Must attend and pass our Sure Lawn Certification Program's on plant identification, plant care, turf management, account management, general maintenance, and irrigation programming and adjustments.
  5. Must be willing to abide by our high quality control standards and make corrections when advised.
  6. Must be willing to abide by our dress code.