Trees & Shrubbery

Trees and Shrubbery are such important parts of our landscapes. In ancient times Romans lined roads with trees to guide travelers day or night sunshine or fog. Trees have always been a part of strong landscape design whether incorporating/landscaping around an existing tree or adding specimen trees to begin setting the stage. You can see the specimen tree is the star, the shrubbery is the supporting cast and perennial flowers make up the bursts of light and contagious excitement. We have searched the NW and proudly supply you with many fine specimen trees. Many are grown in Monroe, Everett, and Redmond WA. We also have exceptional Blue Spruce and Japanese maples in Salem OR.

Shrubbery cannot be forgotten, as a star is not a star at all with no cast to support. In setting the stage of your landscape a single specimen tree is the taller dominant star figure that may be surrounded by several fine shrubs which are then surrounded by low perennials. Shrubbery help fill the gap in height while providing a contrasting texture and color. There are examples of shrubbery such as boxwood or ilex (Japanese holly) used as the center of attraction such as the Queen's gardens exquisitely lined pathways and incredible designs to gaze upon.

We are proud to provide landscape construction services, we can plant your favorite tree and shrubbery for you to enjoy for all time.