Soil itself is sometimes forgotten because it's the stuff beneath the stuff we're looking at however it may be the most important ingredient. We provide the following soils. Our best soils are located in Snohomish, WA and Woodinville, WA as well as Salem, OR.

Garden Mix - Our garden mix contains all or most of these ingredients varying slightly from our source facilities closest to your location: soil, sand, compost, manure, sawdust. We use this mix in our own vegetable garden with great success in Redmond, WA.

3-Way topsoil - generally consists of soil, compost, and sand. We use 3-way to level lawn areas, fill in landscape beds, and for building low berms. This is a great all around soil and could be used in the garden if amended with a nitrogen component such as chicken manure.

Top-dressing - this is a gritty sandy loam mixture used to plant grass seed. We especially use top-dressing in wet areas to help keep unsprouted seed from rotting.

Sand - Sand can be used as a top dressing or an additive for garden beds etc.