Since 1999, our company has been providing the finest service in the Northwest. We strive to establish strong relationships with our clients and work hard to exceed your expectations.

Whether you are a current client or a future one, you deserve the best and we are here to serve.


We provide expert landscape consulting and construction services. We create that exceptional, artistic, unique, and practical landscape. As a Landscape Service company, we understand the importance of future maintainability and sustaining ability. Using this knowledge in our planning of your landscape, it won't outgrow itself in a few short years as too often we find with inexperienced designing. You can take confidence in knowing the company you hire to construct your landscape is also willing to maintain it. Often our relationships with our clients continue for years into the future. We have clients that we've served since 1999. When you work with a company from start to finish, and continue working together on maintenance for many years, the relationship is family-like. Time spent together is much more productive then if you have to keep re-introducing your vision to a new guy.

The landscapes we construct are a signature of who we are, a statement of what we as human beings can accomplish with a great passionate effort and strong vision. Our desire is to create unique places that inspire excited conversations and dreams. We can all visit a park - You, however, can retreat to a paradise of your own creation. Your own get-away that you can get away from the office or the public places. When you live in a place that draws your eye and draws you out to be involved, to relax, and to enjoy its fruits, there is no comparison to that kind of environment to place yourself. Your landscape is your canvas to add structure, practicality, and bursts of color. Sure Lawn can be the tool to create and maintain your masterpiece.