Lawn Maintenance Services

Lawn maintenance is the weekly or every other week servicing, inspection, and correction of turf areas. When it comes to high quality turf there is no getting past a regular maintenance program. There are so many factors to consider when inspecting your turf, which include proper watering, fertilizing, over seeding, aerating, and pest management. Sure Lawn inspects and consequently corrects upcoming changes to your lawn with every service visit. Our goal is for your lawn to be the finest in your neighborhood and comparable only to other "Sure Lawn" maintained properties.


We recommend turf areas be aerated once per year. Well maintained turf is generally very dense. An aerator removes plugs of this dense turf allowing the remaining turf to develop a stronger root system. Plugs are not removed and will decompose in a short time. An added benefit is a reduction of grass removed each cut. This allows for a cleaner post cutting appearance during wet weather.

Beds Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your landscape beds will not go unnoticed.

While maintaining your beds we not only rake,weed,and prune but also keep an eye out for potential problems. These can include bug and insect infestations to fungi and watering issues. Catching potential problems early will save valuable plants.

Regular raking of the beds helps maintain a clean appearance as we remove fallen debris from trees, pull weeds, and smooth the area.

Pulling weeds is very important because without weed control they would quickly spread and cover your beds. Weeds also invade and choke out many of our favorite plants.

Pruning in landscape beds improves aesthetics and blossoming while reducing disease, insect, and fungi infestations.

We recommend replenishing bark or mulch every 2-3 years. Fresh bark or mulch is a great weed control aid and helps protect roots from hot summers and cold winters. Aesthetically, bark or mulch makes everything stand out.


Sure lawn's experienced pruning professionals are ready to serve. From shearing hedges to delicate topiary, Rose, and orchard pruning you will love our work.

We recommend pruning out dead material from trees and shrubbery. This dead material often builds up and can provide conditions for moss and fungi to take hold. Thinning out inner branches of rhododendron, fruit trees, roses, etc can help air flow. This helps reduce sometimes difficult blackspot and mildew problems. Proper pruning can greatly improve fruit and flower production.